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Collaboration pack for the FFC web design conference.

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FFC Collaboration Pack

If you're reading this, you're probably attending the FFC Web Design Conference. Cheers! Come, let's join us!

Your mission is to build this.

Build this.



You can download the pack by clicking here (.zip) which has some icons you can start with.

Your weapons

Recommended for convenience:

  • - This lets you try out Sass, Compass, Less in your browser without installing anything.

  • Less CSS - Superior CSS preprocessing engine you can use without installing anything either.

Recommended for awesomeness:

  • Compass - You can use compass create and compass watch to build your Sass files.

  • Proton - Use Sass, Compass, Less, HAML and more and build your files locally in your computer.

Using Compass/Sass/Proton?

They need Ruby before you can install them.

  • Mac: you probably need Xcode.
  • Windows: Install Ruby using
  • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1.

Need help?

Get in touch with me, Rico Sta. Cruz.

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