Enable DOM in Node.js
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Enables DOM in Node.js

jsdom-global will inject document, window and other DOM API into your Node.js environment. Useful for running, in Node.js, tests that are made for browsers.



Requires jsdom.

npm install --save-dev --save-exact jsdom jsdom-global


jsdom-global now requires jsdom v10 or above. If you need jsdom v9 and below, use the previous version (jsdom-global@2).


Just invoke it to turn your Node.js environment into a DOM environment.


// you can now use the DOM
document.body.innerHTML = 'hello'

You may also pass parameters to jsdomGlobal() like so: require('jsdom-global')(html, options). Check the jsdom.jsdom() documentation for valid values for the options parameter.

To clean up after itself, just invoke the function it returns.

var cleanup = require('jsdom-global')()

// do things



In tape, run it before your other tests.


test('your tests', (t) => {
  /* and so on... */


Simple: Use Mocha's --require option. Add this to the test/mocha.opts file (create it if it doesn't exist)

-r jsdom-global/register

Advanced: For finer control, you can instead add it via mocha's before and after hooks.

before(function () {
  this.jsdom = require('jsdom-global')()

after(function () {


If you prefer to use import rather than require, you might want to use jsdom-global/register instead. Place it on top of your other import calls.

import 'jsdom-global/register'
import React from 'react'
import jQuery from 'jquery'
// ...


If you use Browserify on your tests (eg: smokestack, tape-run, budo, hihat, zuul, and so on), doing require('jsdom-global')() is a noop. In practice, this means you can use jsdom-global even if your tests are powered by browserify, and your test will now work in both the browser and Node.

  • Writing your tests (test.js):

    // ...do your tests here
  • Running it with smokestack:

    browserify test.js | smokestack          # run in a browser
    node test.js                             # or the console
    browserify test.js --no-bundle-external  # also works (but why bother?)
  • Running it with Babel (babelify or babel-cli):

    browserify test.js -t babelify | smokestack  # run in a browser (with babel)
    babel-node test.js                           # or the console


jsdom-global © 2016+, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors (list).

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