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Readme documentation prettifier

Reacco is a dead simple documentation generator that lets you document your project using Markdown.



Install Reacco first. It is a Ruby gem.

$ gem install reacco


To generate documentation, type reacco. This takes your file and prettifies it.

$ reacco

Literate style blocks

To make literate-style blocks (that is, code on the right, explanation on the left), use reacco --literate.

$ reacco --literate

Documenting API

To extract documentation from your code files, add --api <path here>. This extracts comment blocks from files in that path.

As Reacco only parses out Markdown from your comments, almost all languages that comments in # and // are supported. It does not care about code at all, just comments.

$ reacco --literate --api lib/

Documenting classes

You will need to add Markdown comment blocks to your code. The first line needs to be a Markdown heading in the form of ### <heading name>.

Classes are often made to be H2's.

# ## Reacco [class]
# The main class.
# Class documentation goes here in Markdown form.
class Reacco

Documenting class methods

Class methods are often made as H3's. Sub-sections are often always H4's.

# ## Reacco [class]
# The main class.
class Reacco
  # ### version [class method]
  # Returns a string of the library's version.
  # #### Example
  # This example returns the version.
  #     Reacco.version
  #     #=> "0.0.1"
  def self.version

Adding the placeholder

To specify where the docs will be in the README, put a line with the text [](#api_reference). This will tell Reacco where to "inject" your API documentation.

Please see [](#api_reference)

API reference

For usage and API reference, please see


Here be dragons! this is mostly made for my own projects, so I may change things quite often (though I'd try to be mostly API-compatible with older versions).


© 2011, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.

Reacco is authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from it's contributors. It is sponsored by my startup, Sinefunc, Inc.