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Sinatra template

Here's how to use this template:

$ git clone --depth 1 git:// myproject
$ rm -r myproject/.git

# Set up
$ bundle install        # Install gems
$ rake vendor           # Vendor JS files

# Eventually get rid of this README file
$ mv


Hack away! Remove this screen by editing app/routes/site.rb and app/views/home.haml.

Some views were set up for you that use Haml (for HTML) and SASS / SCSS (for CSS).

Skeleton Info


The skeleton comes with no ORM by default.

However, there are sample initializers in app/init/ and config files in config/ for Ohm and Sequel. See those files for instructions.

Sinatra-style configuration

The bootstrapper loads all of config/*.rb, starting with the default files (like haml.default.rb).

  • To set settings: Main.set :name, "Hello"
  • To retrieve settings:

Compass Support

Built-in support for

JS Minification

Uses JsFiles (to compress JS files). This supports CoffeeScript support by the way.

  • Edit config/jsfiles.defaults.rb to see which JS files are to be processed.

HTML5 boilerplate

Some things from the HTML5 boilerplate were roughly followed:

  • JQuery is in there
  • Modernizr built in
  • Load JQuery/Modernizr/etc via CDN (Google's and Cachedcommon's public CDNs)
  • DD_belatedPNG
  • ...among other things (which should be fairly trivial to remove)

CoffeeScript support

Dump your CoffeeScripts to /app/js. The file will be available in http://localhost:4567/js/yourfile.js.

(Edit your gemfile to add the coffeescript gem if needed.)

Sass/SCSS/Less support

Dump your Less, SCSS, or Sass files onto /app/css. Watch hello.sass show up on http://localhost:4567/css/hello.css.

(Edit your gemfile to add the less gem if needed.)

Rake tasks

Type rake to see a list of commands with an extended help screen.

Google CDN

The jQuery helpers ensure that jQuery is loaded from Google servers first before falling back to the app-provided jQuery file.


|- app/
|  |- init/           - Initializers (akin to Rails config/initializers)
|  |- models/         - Models
|  |- routes/         - Sinatra routes (akin to Rails controllers)
|  |- helpers/        - Helper modules
|  |- views/          - Views and layouts (haml, erb, etc)
|  |- css/            - Stylesheets served under /css
|  `- js/             - JS files served under /js
|- lib/               - General purpose libraries
|  `- tasks/          - Rake tasks (*.rake)
|- config/            - Configuration files (*.rb)
|- public/            - Static assets
|- test/
`- init.rb

The main file is init.rb -- just run it to start the server. When init.rb is loaded, it:

  • loads *.rb in config/defaults/ to load default settings
  • loads *.rb in config/ to load user settings -- these files are gitignore'd
  • loads *.rb in app/init/ to initialize stuff
  • loads *.rb in app/ (recursive) to load routes and models
  • starts the server
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