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# Makefile for sparkup distribution
# TODO: this should use a separate build dir to copy SPARKUP_PY into.
# SPARKUP_PY should not reside in the Vim runtime dir (getting not updated via Git!)
VERSION=`date '+%Y%m%d'`
.PHONY: all textmate vim textmate-dist vim-dist plugins plugins-pre generic all-dist
all: plugins
mkdir -p distribution
plugins: plugins-pre all-dist
textmate-dist: textmate
cd TextMate && zip -9r ../distribution/sparkup-textmate-${VERSION}.zip . && cd ..
vim-dist: vim
cd vim && zip -9r ../distribution/sparkup-vim-${VERSION}.zip . && cd ..
generic-dist: generic
cd generic && zip -9r ../distribution/sparkup-generic-${VERSION}.zip . && cd ..
zip -9r distribution/sparkup-${VERSION}.zip generic vim textmate -x */sparkup-readme.txt
cp distribution/sparkup-${VERSION}.zip distribution/
cat ${SPARKUP_PY} > generic/sparkup
chmod +x generic/sparkup
#cp ${README} generic/sparkup-readme.txt
#cp ${README} TextMate/sparkup-readme.txt
vim: vim/doc/sparkup.txt
# create pathogen friendly structure
vim-pathogen: vim ftplugin doc
ftplugin doc:
ln -s vim/$@
# Add asterisks to title, so it gets matched by `:helptags`
vim/doc/sparkup.txt: ${README}
mkdir -p $(@D)
sed '1s/.*/*\0*/' $< > $@