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remove the copy command from the vim and textmate targets

`vim/ftplugin/html/` and
`TextMate/Sparkup.tmbundle/Support/` are now stored in the
repo as symlinks to the toplevel `` and thus cause `make vim`
and `make textmate` to fail when trying to copy it.
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1 parent bb70843 commit 6eed4640f88df7968c360a992b484982f3339aa8 @nixon nixon committed Dec 20, 2013
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@@ -32,12 +32,9 @@ generic:
#cp ${README} generic/sparkup-readme.txt
- mkdir -p TextMate/Sparkup.tmbundle/Support
- cp ${SPARKUP_PY} TextMate/Sparkup.tmbundle/Support/
#cp ${README} TextMate/sparkup-readme.txt
- mkdir -p vim/ftplugin/html vim/doc
- cp ${SPARKUP_PY} vim/ftplugin/html/
+ mkdir -p vim/doc
# Add asteriks to title, so it gets matched by `:helptags`
sed '1s/.*/*\0*/' ${README} > vim/doc/sparkup.txt

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