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Would like Compass-like feature #11

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I can run compass -w and it sits in the current path watching for changes to files. It has a config.rb (but you could just do config.yaml or something) which specifies src and target directories. This way you could theoretically keep a directory full of .sparkup files and have the compiler watching them for changes, immediately writing out .html files to the target directory when that occurs.

This would allow you to exclusively maintain projects using sparkup, with version control for the sparkup, and ability to integrate with a wider toolset/environment (such as Aptana, my personal favorite).

Great concept!


ok so I'm impatient and I made one myself using bash script. not too hard. i sent you a pull request. but now I need a few changes to the python script. I want it to allow me to include other languages like PHP without attempting to mess with them. ideas? maybe make it so any line i prefix with some character like an exclaimation point ! would be included in the file as-is.


!<?php $this->layout = 'authenticated'; ?>
div.row#middle > div.container > div.middle > p { Account is where you manage information about your profile, your account, etc. }

Your comments appreciated.


I think this goes against the project's goals of letting you type HTML in a more efficient manner -- it doesn't aim to let you craft entire HTML documents from scratch. IMHO, an entire document written in Sparkup's pseudo-language would grow unwieldy as it gains size.

I think another language would be more suited for that purpose. You may want to look at HAML instead, or PHAML for PHP.

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