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h3 expanded as 'div' #12

bobdobbs opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I expect an h2 followed by three h3's.
However, the h3's get expanded as divs.


same thing happens to me. The first element is always being expanded as a div


This seems to be an issue with the parenthesis. If you take them off you will get your correct markup (same as issue #13)


I second this.

In my case instead of h2 with h3 sequence I had a ul with li. The lis became divs. Removing the parenthesis made it work as expected...

My expression was ul.list>(li.suggestion*5) and then I had to make it into: ul.list>li.suggestion*5



Sparkup has no support for ( )'s, so this actually gets evaluated as:

h2 + (h3 *3

...with (h3 falling back to div (because its not valid, and the last ) being discarded.

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