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Hello, I am trying to get this working in windows. I know nothing about python. Is python required in addition to vim?
I have installed vim and put the contents of vim/ftpplugin in the ftpplugin in my vim directory. have no idea what "g:sparkup" means, is that run in vim or command line, or python?
I will install python if necesarry, but please explain sparkup installation in a way that doesn't presume knowledge of python and/or shell commands.


You NEED to have Python to use sparkup, but I'm not 100% sure of all the things you need to do to get it working (I've practically abandoned windows at this point)

First: what branch are you using? (your sparkup.vim should have something like:
if has('win32') || has('win64')
let s:sparkup = 'python ' . s:sparkup
this tells vim to use Python to execute the sparkup script. If you don't have this in your sparkup.vim, then I imagine you are using an older branch than I am using)

I assume you'd have to do the following:

  • install Python
  • probably add Python to your system's path variable
  • place sparkup.vim & in the correct location (as mentioned in the readme)

If you have done all of these things just test if it works by opening a new or existing html file and type some sparkup markup:

Then try to convert it using Ctrl+E. If this works then you are set. If it doesn't then try typing:
set filetype
and it should show filetype=html (or the correct filetype). If it doesn't show a file type then you'll probably need to figure out how to get file type detection turned on. If you did all that and it is still not working then you'll probably need to find someone who has installed sparkup on windows, or you have to explain a little more about what you have done, and what you are seeing


Thank you, I got it running, and just posted basic instructions for other windows users. You can refer them here:


I'm glad you got it working... Do you mind adding the instructions to the wiki? (I think that might have a little more visibility)

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