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Vim: elements being converted to divs #34

Enome opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I hope this isn't already reported but the only other information I found about this was a comment on this issue:

I don't have the issue in 'pure' html files. This happens in aspx template files.




It's the same other elements. I can work around it by typing something like div > h1 etc and then delete the extra div but it's not very handy.


Know this issue is about a year old but still having this issue occur.
With .aspx and .ascx files. Any element will default to 'div'

Anyone find a solution to this?


h1#head results in <h1 id="head"></h1> for me, using current master.

This got probably fixed then.


@Enome Could you test this again? This issue is old and I want to confirm that it's either still around or it's been fixed.

If it happens again, what filetype (:set ft?) is the file that it's messing up in? If you can't reproduce the problem, please let me know so I can close the issue.


@sporkbox I stopped using a couple of years ago so unfortunately I don't have the environment anymore to test it.


@Enome Okay, no problem! I'm gonna go ahead and close this issue. Someone else can always re-open it later if it poses a problem. Thanks for the speedy response!

@sporkbox sporkbox closed this
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