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Vim: do not add mappings for normal mode #35

blueyed opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Daniel Hahler Kit Monisit Aymeric Beaumet
Daniel Hahler

I fail to see why there are default mappings for normal mode:
exec 'nmap ' . g:sparkupExecuteMapping . ' :call Sparkup()'
exec 'imap ' . g:sparkupNextMapping . ' u:call SparkupNext()'

Please consider removing them.

Kit Monisit

I think that the normal mode mapping is useful for those who code the HTML tree structure first before turning them into actual HTML code. I don't do is, but there are probably some who do.

Kit Monisit kitmonisit referenced this issue from a commit in kitmonisit/sparkup
Daniel Hahler blueyed Do not add normal mode mappings for Vim.
Closes #35
Aymeric Beaumet

It would really be apreciable if a one has the choice to enable/disable mapping in normal mode.

Michael Robinson faceleg closed this in 85dc5ea
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