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this project needs attention #57

marianoguerra opened this Issue · 13 comments

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cc @lucascaton @timheil @mikesmullin @srushti @MarcWeber @gwrtheyrn @juliangruber @chrisgeo @blueyed @wcmaier

just found this project, I wanted to install it and saw the inactivity on it, went to the network graph and saw a lot of forks doing custom changes and lot of pull requests to the original project (this one) but not being handled.

I understand that people move on to other things, but looking at the number of watchers, forks, issues and pull requests it makes sense to at least transfer the project to other people so they can keep moving it forward.

for this I don't want to make yet another fork and merge the issues, I was thinking on creating an organization and adding all the interested commiters to that organization, we can start merging the pull requests and closing tickets.

what do you think?

PS: I added in this issue all the people that have an open pull request, if you feel spamed you can unsubscribe from this issue (sorry!)


Hi all-

I agree that it's worth continuing development on sparkup, but I don't have the time to contribute much myself.

Good luck with the project!


when i first found sparkup it was cool, but then i learned about HAML shortly after. HAML support has since had implementations written for just about every language. Then i also found a plugin Vim Surround. Today i don't think there is room for sparkup in my toolbox, sadly.


I still think the project is quite cool. I might contribute a patch or two in case someone continues maintaining the project.


i might use it again if the vim plugin were changed to work like the following: instead of searching the document for [possibly false-positive] matches and replacing them, hit a certain key to be taken to the little command line at the bottom of the screen, where you would type the sparkup on a single line, and then hit enter, and it would insert the html where your cursor was left in the document. this way i could selectively inject markup and it wouldn't ever mistakenly replace something i didn't want it to.

but other than that, the way its coded is kind of backward compared to the Vim Surround plugin. i really like vim surround because of the workflow; i typically open a blank document, type out all the plain-text i need on the page, then i just start highlighting it and Surrounding it with markup using the plugin hotkeys. its pretty nice especially when done in bulk with block edit mode. a lot easier than moving the cursor around to the middle of each empty element to type in the atomic values, i think. my 2c. glad the project inspires ppl.


While I find vim-surround and HAML interesting, I think sparkup fits my workflow better. I don't write a lot of HTML, I do mainly backend stuff. But when I create some basic templates, sparkup could be handy. Also, I never do the content first. I first create a basic skeleton and then start filling in template tags and some basic text snippets.

Btw, I don't think sparkup should search the entire document for fitting sparkup code, but rather the current line while in editing mode and the currently selected block in visual mode.


Truth be told, I still use it for vim; I'd be glad to be the new "mainline" and take pull requests.

I've also been (slowly) working on a sublime text 2 version so I haven't been paying much attention to the vim version.


@MarcWeber I know the procedure, I'm just pointing that there are many forks and no one is the new upstream, I don't want to create yet another fork.

I'm ok with making @chrisgeo 's fork the new upstream.

if no one has a problem we can start merging the improvements at


@marianoguerra Feel free to start submitting pull requests. I'll make sure I'm synced with this first.


Ok, @chrisgeo, I sent you a pull request for my changes :)


@gwrtheyrn Sorry to do this, can you resubmit a pull request. I was in a hurry and let github do the merge and reverted everything. Thanks!

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