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With this commit: 2642aad Sparkup has stopped to work with .html.erb files, the error message is:

Options error: option --eruby not recognized
Try --help for a list of arguments.

I could not find the exactly source of the problem, but before this commit, everything was working fine.


rstacruz commented Aug 27, 2013

Strange—I don't believe explicit eruby was ever implemented. Are you sure you weren't using a fork or a patch?

I'm totally sure, I only noticed that because I pushed my vimfiles to a new machine and installed the new version with Vundle.

Also, in my fork I just reverted the commits to 53dd569 and everything is fine again with erb files.

But i verified the code, and now, the call from sparkup on vim, is passing an arg -- filetype at to check if a file is xml or html.

The problem is, eruby filetype isn't an valid option on cmdline_keys list at

I tried to add an option in cmdline_keys for eruby filetype ('', 'eruby', 'html default'),, and now the error is gone, everything is working.

Finally, I don't know what is the best option to fix this. If tell explicit in the options, all the filetypes which is supported as html, or some kind of dynamic option which captures xml to XmlDialect and everything else to HtmlDialect.


rstacruz commented Aug 27, 2013

Seems ' --' . &filetype is a pretty naïve solution... any alternative proposals are welcome.

atn34 commented Aug 30, 2013

How about ' --filetype=' . &filetype or something like that. Then if the filetype is not recognized default to html.

+1 on this PR. This also seems to affect HTML files w/ filetype htmldjango, from using the plugin django.vim.


blueyed commented Oct 7, 2013

Closed by #71.

I will open a new issue / pull request with my concerns about it.

faceleg closed this in b4bc30b Oct 8, 2013

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