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Can i change double quote to single quote #87

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when input div.spark
how can i change
<div class="spark"></div>
<div class='spark'></div>


single quotes in html? ewww


I use tpope's vim-surround for that. That task is not only html specific.


I'm facing the opposite situation here.

My sparkup is inserting single quote attributes and I want it to use double quotes.


@jadeydi: While the current HTML standard allows for that, it complicates escaping characters automatically and convention points to using double-quotes everywhere to have consistent style.

@korin's suggestion to use vim-surround is sound and seems like the better way to achieve your goal. You can set up a macro similar to the following:


And it should work out okay. (Change the macro to suit your needs, of course).

@dlee: Are you still having trouble with Sparkup inserting the wrong quote marks?

I'm closing this issue since it doesn't seem to be a problem with Sparkup itself. If @dlee or anyone else is having similar problems with the wrong quotes being used, please reopen this issue! Thanks.

@sporkbox sporkbox closed this
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