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I use vundle to install sparkup:

Bundle 'rstacruz/sparkuya'

after installation completed, I create an new file named test.html, insert div>ul, and press <c-e>, but can't expand to:


I have python 2.7.3 installed, and my vim version is 7.3.682.


Make sure you follow the instructions. It does not work with Vundle out of the box.
Do not forget copy to ~/.vim/ or set g:sparkup in .vimrc file.

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@korin I don't understand the sentence It does not work with Vundle out of the box.Can you explain it more clear? I have tried to follow the instrutions,but can't understand the configuration. I think it's better to give some example about the configuration.


It doesn't work because sparkup repository contains not only vim plugin, but also bundle for Textmate.
You need to do
1. Install sparkup with vundle, like you did

Bundle 'rstacruz/sparkup'
  1. go to sparkup directory ~/.vim/bundle/sparkup and do
make vim-pathogen
  1. somewhere in vim confg files eg ~/.vimrc set g:sparkup
let g:sparkup = 'bundle/sparkup/'

@korin thank you very much. It's OK! Previously,I have installed sparkp with vundle, but I don't set g:sparkup in ~/.vimrc, so it does not work. when setted, it really work! but when I run make vim-pathogen, getting the error:

make: Nothing to be done for `vim-pathogen`

I don't know why.

Another question:<ctrl + E> is not very convenient, is there any more efficient method?


make vim-pathogen just creates symlinks so I think it's ok when

make: Nothing to be done for `vim-pathogen`

you can change mapping like this:

  g:sparkupExecuteMapping (Default: '<c-e>') -
    Mapping used to execute sparkup.

  g:sparkupNextMapping (Default: '<c-n>') -
    Mapping used to jump to the next empty tag/attribute.

eg in ~/.vimrc

let g:sparkupExecuteMapping = '<c-n>'
let g:sparkupNextMapping = '<c-x>'
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