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Major repo cleanups #80

merged 5 commits into from Oct 1, 2013

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ghost commented Sep 30, 2013

This commit merges the two very differing vim and textmate versions of the file, when they should be the same [issue #79]. It then symbolically links the vim and textmate versions of the file to the in the root of the repo. It also tidies up the file a bit, for example removing trailing whitespace.

NOTE: I don't have a Mac so I can't test with Textmate. It shouldn't break anything, but apologies if it does. Also, I don't have Windows so hopefully the symlinking business works with Windows.

The following pull requests have been added in to this pull request, and therefore these pull requests should be closed.

  • #78 - add HTML5 self closing tag support

  • #59 - allow tab indentation rather than using spaces. I also made it so in vim, this option is automatically set if the user's configuration is to use tabs. Need a textmate person to add this to textmate too.

  • #56, kinda, but with the latest jQuery version as of now.

  • #71 - replace -- with --filetype=. This makes it work with PHP etc.

@ghost Unknown referenced this pull request Sep 30, 2013

Repo is messy #79

faceleg commented Oct 1, 2013

I won't have time to do this merge manually, I doubt @rstacruz will either. If you could jump through whatever hoops are required to allow a clean merge with master, I'd love to hit that green button.

ghost commented Oct 1, 2013

No conflicts fetching from upstream. Wondering where the merge is?

Duncan de Wet added some commits Oct 1, 2013
Duncan de Wet Merge branch 'master' of
Duncan de Wet Major cleanup of code [Fix merge conflict] 2f420fb
Duncan de Wet Major cleanup of code [Final merge fix] db6bcae
ghost commented Oct 1, 2013

Sorry, been a while since using git. Should be good to merge now.

@faceleg faceleg merged commit 6d0af38 into rstacruz:master Oct 1, 2013
This was referenced Oct 1, 2013
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