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Update documentation around Vim integration

Clarify documentation, fix some typos and ensure all options are clearly
specified.  Previously, the normal mapping options weren't specified in
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With Pathogen

If you are using tpope's vim-pathogen, install as follows:

       cd ~/.vim/bundle ; git clone
       cd sparkup
       make vim-pathogen

With Vundle

If using Vundle, you can specify Sparkup as a bundle and installation will happen
automatically.  Add this to your Vim configuration:

       Bundle 'rstacruz/sparkup'

and run the standard installation command for Vundle:


Manual installation

   1. Copy the contents of vim/ftplugin/ to your ~/.vim/ftplugin directory.

       (Assuming your current dir is sparkup/vim/)
       $ cp -R ftplugin ~/.vim/

   2. Copy the file to your ~/.vim directory

       (Assuming your current dir is sparkup/vim/)
       $ cp ../ ~/.vim/


Customise the Sparkup's configuration within Vim by specifying some or all of the following
as variables within your Vim configuration using the ``let`` directive.

   g:sparkup (Default: 'sparkup') -
     Location of the sparkup executable. You shouldn't need to change this
     setting if you used the install option above.

   g:sparkupArgs (Default: '--no-last-newline') -
     Additional args passed to sparkup.

   g:sparkupExecuteMapping (Default: '<c-e>') -
     Mapping used to execute sparkup within insert mode.

   g:sparkupNextMapping (Default: '<c-n>') -
     Mapping used to jump to the next empty tag/attribute within insert mode.

   g:sparkupMaps (Default: 1) -
     Set up automatic mappings for Sparkup. If set to 0, this can be
     used to disable creation of any mappings, which is useful if
     full customisation is required.

   g:sparkupMapsNormal (Default: 0) -
     Set up mappings for normal mode within Vim. The same execute and next
     mappings configured above will apply to normal mode if this option is

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