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Simple command-line task report builder + project management tool
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Task progress sheet reporter

TPS report

We often need to make regular reports of things done for our projects at work. I hate doing these by hand. This tool lets us build these reports from TaskPaper files such as this:

Version 1:

    This file is in TaskPaper format.
    Tabs are used to indent.
    Each task begins with a "- ".
    Projects end with a ":".
    Tags are in the format "@tag_name".
    All other lines (such as these) are considered as notes,
    and are to be ignored.

    - User signup
        - Register for an account
        - Log in @done
        - Forget password

    - Manage users
        - Create users @in_progress
        - Delete users
        - User profile page @40%

    - Blog
        - Creating new posts @done
        - Comments @done
        - Moderating comments @done

Requires Ruby 1.9+. No, 1.8.7 will not work.

Get started

Install TPS (Ruby):

$ gem install tps_reporter

...then generate a sample file. (or create tasks.taskpaper based on this sample file.)

$ tps sample

Edit it, then generate the report:

$ tps open


See docs/

Exporting to PDF or image

If you're on a Mac, install Paparazzi and use the tps paparazzi command. This will open the report in Paparazzi where you can save or copy it as an image, or PDF.

Command line

There's also a command line reporter that you can access via tps print. It looks like this:

Comamnd line reporter


You can define sprints to help you see the workload of each sprint. First, define your sprints on top of your file like so (this is a TaskPaper project with notes):

  s1: Sprint 1 (May 1)
  s2: Sprint 2 (May 8)
  s3: Sprint 3 (May 15)

The names are all arbitrary; s1..s3 is just used here for convention; feel free to use any string you like. (say, week1..week7 works well for some projects.)

Then use the names as tags (in this case, @s1, @s2):

  - Writing articles @s1
  - Publishing @s2

Old YAML syntax

The old (v0.3.0) YAML syntax is still supported, see the v0.3.0 readme for more info.


© 2013, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.

My site ( - Twitter (@rstacruz)

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