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Closes brackets. Perfect companion to vim-endwise. Basically, a more conservative version of auto-pairs that only works when you press Enter.



Closings are automatically inserted after pressing Enter ⏎. It supports languages that have (, [, and { brackets.

.section {⏎
.section {

It tries to automatically figure out whatever braces were opened in the line. This is useful for, say, JavaScript where }); is commonly seen.

describe('test', function () {⏎
describe('test', function () {

Semicolons are automatically added if it makes sense, and only if another line in the buffer ends in ;.

var x = 1;
setImmediate(function () {⏎
var x = 1;
setImmediate(function () {


When using vim-plug, add this to your ~/.vimrc:

Plug 'rstacruz/vim-closer'

By the way

Do you edit CSS often? Of course you do. Let me help you make that a better experience.


vim-closer © 2015+, Rico Sta. Cruz. Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by Rico Sta. Cruz with help from contributors (list).  ·  GitHub @rstacruz  ·  Twitter @rstacruz

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