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The fastest way to navigate your files powered by unite.vim. Just press Ctrl-P. No lags.


vim-fastunite is pre-configured to give you a pleasant out-of-the-box experience with unite.vim, the best Vim file matcher.

Just install the vim plugins and ag — no need for complicated vimrc incantations.

  • No lags when opening Unite (via resuming)
  • Fast file indexing (via ag)
  • Smart sorting and fuzzy matching
  • ...and many more

Read documentation ›


Use your favorite Vim package manager to install vim-fastunite with its dependencies. With vim-plug:

" ~/.vimrc
Plug 'Shougo/vimproc.vim', { 'do': 'make' }
Plug 'Shougo/unite.vim'
Plug 'rstacruz/vim-fastunite'

Plug 'Shougo/neomru.vim'
Plug 'Shougo/unite-outline'
Plug 'tsukkee/unite-tag'

map <C-p> [unite]p

If you're not using vim-plug and it's the first time to install vimproc, be sure to run make.

Install the_silver_searcher for faster searches. (optional, but recommended)

brew install the_silver_searcher   # OSX
apt-get install silversearcher-ag  # Ubuntu
yum install the_silver_searcher    # Fedora

Now press <Ctrl-p> in your big project.

Only the first 3 vimrc lines are required; the other plugins are optional but recommended.


Press ,up to search for files in the project.

All keys are prefixed with <Leader>u by default (referred to as [unite]). Assuming your leader key is , that's:

Key Description
,u p Project: search for files in the project
,u t Tags: search for tags (requires unite-tag)
,u r Recent: show recent files (require (neomru)
,u o Outline: outline sidebar (requires unite-outline)

For grepping:

Key Description
,u g Grep: search in files
,u ] search current word under cursor
,u G Show last grep window

Documentation →


So you've probably tried Unite before. You added a few lines to your vimrc to get Unite running. If you're like me, you probably used it a few times and forgot about it because it was slow.

This plugin is a bag of many tweaks to make the Unite experience more seamless. Here are a few:

  • Unite resuming: invoking unite after the first time will resume the previous unite session, making it fast.

  • Faster file search: If ag is available, it's used for file_rec.

  • Mercurial support: by using ag, .hgignore and .bzrignore are supported.

  • Use better sorting: If +ruby is available in your Vim build, a better sorting method (selecta) will be selected for you. This gets you better top results, saving you keystrokes.

  • Kep mappings: all the useful key mappings are set up for you, set up conveniently with a configurable <Leader> u prefix.

  • Sleeker airline: provides a more pleasant integration with airline.vim by omitting extraneous statusbar information.

  • Faster grepping: ag will be used for grepping if it's available.

  • Better unite-tag integration: if unite-tag is installed, it will be used as the tag browser when pressing ^].

  • Preconfigured matchers: fuzzy matching and smart sorting is enabled by default.

  • And many more.

Tips and tricks

  • Refreshing files: the window is cached, so new files won't show up. Press ctrl-l in Unite.

  • Fixing Unite glitches: press ctrl-r to restart Unite.

  • Navigating: after opening ,up, you can navigate directories with ctrl-e. press ctrl-g to leave a directory. eg: app ctrl-e ass ctrl-e styl ctrl-e will navigate to app/assets/stylesheets, letting you create a file in that directory.