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My VIM config files.
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My vim files

The ultimate vim setup managed by bower and pathogen.

  • No messy git submodules
  • Vim packages declared via bower.json
  • Bower downloads vim packages fast (gets tarballs instead of git-cloning)
  • Bower alerts you of new package versions
  • Modular, options are categorized in plugin/

Let's go

Use bower to fetch packages. (alt)

$ bower install

Install as symlinks into ~/.vimrc and ~/.vim/. (NB: this will delete them if they exist!)

$ make link

You may need to also compile some bundles.

$ cd bundle/vimproc.vim && make


Add new packages via:

$ bower install --save tpope/vim-haml

Check for new versions using bower.

$ bower update

Version locking

Since bower still has no shrinkwrap feature (#505), there's a hackish script in bin/lock to update .bowerlock and bin/install.

$ ./bin/lock      # lock dependency versions into .bowerlock and ./bin/install
$ ./bin/install   # install from locked versions

Use . after doing bower updates. You'll then be able to see what's changed by inspecting the lockfile in git diff.

No bower

Stuck without bower (eg, a server deploy)? Use ./bin/install, it'll fetch via git instead of bower. It won't manage updates though, but will do in a pinch.


In OSX, use MacVim to use a better build of vim with support for Ruby, Python, and other niceties.

$ brew install macvim --override-system-vim


MIT license

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