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My VIM config files.

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Vim files!

git clone ~/.vim
cd ~/.vim
rake setup

This is my Vim setup which is managed by Vundle. You may not like my setup, but you may want to build from this skeleton. I've set this repo up in the cleanest way I can, just look at vimrc.vim :D

Pro tip!

You're probably using MacVIM on a Mac. Add this to your ~/.profile to use a better build of Vim that supports Ruby and Python (that is, Command-T, UltiSnip, etc):

alias vim=/Applications/


* `vimrc.vim`         - Put your bundles here.
* `plugin/`           - Put your initializers here.
* `after/ftplugin/`   - Set your local options per filetype here, like tabstops and such.
* `extras/`           - If you have Bundles without sources (ie, not to be managed by Vundler), put them here.


  • TagBar: You will need exuberant-ctags. On a Mac, that's brew install ctags-exuberant.
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