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Mentors, please edit this wiki page, and add your ideas to the table below.

Students, please look for a project that interests you in the table below. Before emailing project mentors, please do at least one project Test and post a link to your solution on the proposal’s wiki page.

Proposal Status Mentors Non-R languages?
MENTORS: Copy this template!
Major Update for Huge and SAM student proposed Xinguo Li,Jason Ge,Tuo Zhao R, C++
Automatic Differentiation by Julia student proposed John Nash, Hans Werner Borchers Julia, C++
rOceans: an R package for marine macroecology and conservation proposed by Ignasi Montero Katherine A. Kaplan, Eneko Aspillaga, Vijay Barve, Narayani Barve
Bayesian Analysis of Individual Treatment Response (ITR) Curves student proposed Yanxun Xu,Xinguo Li C++
rTrawl student proposed B Peterson, K Boudt C
Online changepoint detection need students Rebecca Killick, David Matteson C
sentometrics student proposed D Ardia, K Bluteau, K Boudt C++
StandardErrors need students Doug Martin, Xin Chen,Brian Peterson, C
Shiny Interface to RobStatTM potential student M. Salibian-Barrera, Doug Martin R, Shiny
Animated interactive ggplots need students TD Hocking, F Khan JavaScript
Complex space time need students Laura Sangalli, Luca Formaggia, Eardi Lila R, C++
Multi-Armed-Bandit need students Wei Qian, Nathaniel Helwig R, C++
Clustering Model for ordinal data need students Julien Jacques & Christophe Biernacki shiny, RcppArmadillo
Constrained changepoint detection need students TD Hocking, G Rigaill C++
Max margin interval trees need students A Drouin, T Hothorn C++
Segmentor3IsBack need mentors A Cleynen, TD Hocking C++
Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Meucci Project need students E Biceroglu, B Peterson, D Ardia C++, potentially jupyter
SymEngine.R: Symbolic Computation in R potential students Jialin Ma, Isuru Fernando, Hans W Borchers C
PeakSegPipeline on CRAN need students TD Hocking, G Rigaill C++
Self-Organizing-Maps-(SOM) potential students Nathalie Villa-Vialaneix and Madalina Olteanu C++
Sampling-and-volume-approximation potential students Vissarion Fisikopoulos C++
SAGA sparse linear models potential student Michael Weylandt, TD Hocking
RcppSMC need students Adam Johansen, Dirk Eddelbuettel C++
Extending-'rvw'-and-reintegrating-vowpal-wabbit needs students Dirk Eddelbuettel, James Balamuta C++
Interactive Ideogram Visualization need students Jialin Ma, Eric Weitz, Freeman S. Wang Javascript
GEE and QIF for clustered data regression need students Jun Yan R, C++
MoMA: Modern Multivariate Analysis in R need students Michael Weylandt Genevera Allen R, C++, Rcpp, RcppArmadillo
Species range maps in R need students Narayani Barve, Vijay Barve
Advancing styler. A flexible source code formatter for R. needs students Lorenz Walthert, Kirill Müller no
bdclean: User friendly biodiversity data cleaning pipeline need students Vijay Barve, Tomer Gueta, Narayani Barve, Yohay Carmel
Biodiversity Data Utilities (bdtools) need students Tomer Gueta, Vijay Barve, Yohay Carmel
Darwinazing biodiversity data in R potential students Tomer Gueta, Vijay Barve, Yohay Carmel
Diagnostic statistics and visualization for quantile regression needs student Di Cook, Kris Boudt Fortran, C++
Firedata: Cloud Firestore potential students Robin Kohze, Laurent Gatto, Bert Jehoul, Samuel Schmidt
Firedata: Platform Integrations potential students Robin Kohze, Laurent Gatto, Bert Jehoul, Samuel Schmidt JavaScript
Full Bayesian Inference for Hidden Markov Models student proposed B Peterson, Michael Weylandt R, Stan
GPU data frame need mentors yes
SPArse Modeling Sofware need mentors C++
Multi-task learning need mentors C++
Optimal Control need mentors
Caffe deep neural networks need mentors C++
data.table need mentors C

Project ideas have a ‘Status’ column which describes the current status of mentor and student interest. Project ideas where no student has yet contacted mentors should be listed as ‘needs students’. Project ideas where one or more potential students are communicating with mentors should have a status of ‘potential student’ or ‘two[three,etc] potential students. You can still communicate your interest to mentors to apply to projects with status “potential student” – that implies that there is another student who has already shown some capability for that project (see below for more details on how we evaluate applications). Projects that were proposed by a student should be marked as ‘student proposed’ – note that student-proposed projects should not go into this table until qualified mentors have been identified and discussed with the organization admins, and that the student proposal will be evaluated against all other proposals received by the R organization. Projects that need to identify another mentor (e.g. to find a mentor with a specific skill, or from a different institution) should be marked with a status of ‘need mentor’ and the idea page should provide details in the ‘Mentors’ section.

All student applications will be discussed by the R mentor community, and proposals will be ranked considering factors such as quality, difficulty, and impact for the R community. Slots are a finite resource granted to R by Google, and only the best proposals will get chosen. In prior years, R has received 4-5 times more applications than slots, so application quality is key.

Students, if you have an idea for an R package coding project that is not listed above, please try to find mentors by posting a description of your project idea on the r-gsoc google group. If you find mentors, feel free to add your project idea to this wiki. You should NOT submit any project applications to Google without finding 2 mentors for your project proposal.

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