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Checks syntax of reStructuredText and code blocks nested within it


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Checks syntax of reStructuredText and code blocks nested within it.

See the full documentation at read-the-docs

From pip

$ pip install rstcheck

To use pyproject.toml for configuration:

$ pip install rstcheck[toml]

To add sphinx support:

$ pip install rstcheck[sphinx]
  • Bash
  • Doctest
  • C (C99)
  • C++ (C++11)
  • JSON
  • XML
  • Python
  • reStructuredText

With bad Python syntax:


.. code:: python

$ rstcheck bad_python.rst
bad_python.rst:7: (ERROR/3) (python) unexpected EOF while parsing

With bad C++ syntax:


.. code:: cpp

    int main()
        return x;
$ rstcheck bad_cpp.rst
bad_cpp.rst:9: (ERROR/3) (cpp) error: 'x' was not declared in this scope

With bad syntax in the reStructuredText document itself:

$ rstcheck bad_rst.rst
bad_rst.rst:1: (SEVERE/4) Title overline & underline mismatch.