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Powerlifting Meet Manager
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Powerlifting Meet Manager

Simple program to manage a powerlifting competition with three squats, three bench presses, three deadlifts. Wilks calculations and team summaries are available, and the performance of each lifter can be inspected.

Author: Richard Stebbing

License: MIT (refer to LICENSE)


Tested on Python 2.7.3, Numpy >= 1.5, PyQt4 >= 4.7.2

Quick Start

To launch:


Use Add to add a lifter. Each flight can be selected by clicking on the Flight heading under Results. All numerical fields under Results can then be used to sort the lifters. For example, to sort by Squat 1 just click the heading.

All tentative lifts are in italics. To confirm a lift (attempt), right-click on it and set it to either Good, Fail, or Pass. The attempt can be completely reset by re-entering in the weight. Subsequent attempts can only be entered once initial attempts have been confirmed.

To inspect an individual lifter, right-click and select Performance.

The table can be saved (pickled) using Save and Load. The final results can also be exported to a simple HTML output.


  • Correct scoring when a lifter "bombs out".
  • Add options dialog to control team scoring.
  • Dynamic fields.
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