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# Spring MVC Test Framework
!SLIDE small incremental bullets
-# Origins of Spring MVC Test
-* Based on [spring-test-mvc]( project on Github
-* Just added to `spring-test` module (Spring 3.2 RC1)
-* Nearly identical code base
-* Github project will continue to support Spring 3.1
+# Background
+* Recently added to `spring-test` as of Spring 3.2 RC1
+* Originates from [spring-test-mvc]( separate project on Github
+* Nearly identical code bases
+* [spring-test-mvc]( will continue to support Spring 3.1
!SLIDE small incremental bullets
# Differences with [spring-test-mvc](
-* Depends on Spring 3.2 vs. Spring 3.1
-* Integrated with `@WebAppConfiguration`
-* Provides Servlet 3 async support
+* Dependency on Spring 3.2, not Spring 3.1
+* Support for Spring 3.2 features (e.g. Servlet 3 async)
+* Integration with `@WebAppConfiguration`
* Different packages
-* Straight-forward to migrate
+* Easy migration from spring-test-mvc to Spring 3.2
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-# High Level Description
+# What does it provide?
* 1st class support for testing Spring MVC apps
-* Using a fluent API
+* Fluent API
* Server-side tests involve the __`DispatcherServlet`__
-* Client-side tests __`RestTemplate`__-based
+* Client-side tests are __`RestTemplate`__-based
!SLIDE small incremental bullets
# Built on `spring-test`
-* `TestContext` framework for loading Spring config
+* `TestContext` framework used for loading Spring config
* `MockHttpServletRequest/Response`
* `MockFilterChain`
* Servlet container is not used
!SLIDE small incremental bullets
-# Extent of Support
-* HTTP message conversion fully supported<br> e.g. `@RequestBody`/`@ResponseBody`
-* Most rendering technologies as well<br> JSON, XML, Freemarker/Velocity, Thyme, etc
-* No JSP rendering and redirects<br> Assert selected JSP view or redirected URL
+# Extent of support
+* Pretty much everything should work as it does at runtime
+* HTTP message conversion<br> e.g. `@RequestBody`/`@ResponseBody`
+* Most rendering technologies<br> JSON, XML, Freemarker/Velocity, Thymeleaf, Excel, etc
+!SLIDE small incremental bullets
+# Limitations
+* We are not in a servlet container
+* Foward and redirect not executed
+* No JSP rendering

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