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Starship Traveler Storyboard

Theme: Book travel between stars


  • Open Start solution

  • Run it, talk about use of WebAssembly

  • Talk about solution structure (everything preview)

    • Backend ASP.NET Core 3
    • Blazor Client
    • Components (reusable UI component library)
    • Model (data model, business logic)

Ticket List

  • Add reference from Client to Model

  • Uncomment @using StarshipTraveler.Model in _ViewImports.cshtml

  • Copy 010-Basic TicketList into Client/Pages

  • Talking points:

    • Razor syntax (mention code-behind with inheritance)
    • Reuse of existing business logic (server and client)
    • HttpClient injection, interaction with browser (custom HttpMessageHandler)
    • Point out async/await programming model
    • Point out Linq
    • JSON support

Ticket Card

  • Add reference from Client to Components

  • Uncomment @using StarshipTraveler.Components in _ViewImports.cshtml

  • Copy...

    • ...020-UI Composition/TicketCard.cshtml and TicketQRCode.cshtml into Components
    • ...020-UI Composition/TicketList.cshtml into Client
  • Talking points:

    • Reusable component libraries (run on server and client)
    • Growing 3rd party ecosystem or components
    • UI composition
    • Parameters from parent to child components

More Complex Parent/Child Relationships

  • Copy...

    • ...030-Parent-Child/TimeSelector.cshtml into Components
    • ...030-Parent-Child/TicketList.cshtml into Client
  • Talking points:

    • Enabling two-way binding with parameters (in TimeSelector and TicketList)
    • Class bindings
    • Manual refreshing of bindings with StateHasChanged

More About Router

  • Copy...

    • ...040-Router/BaseImage.cshtml into Components
    • ...040-Router/TicketDetails.cshtml into Client
  • Talking points:

    • Route parameter
    • Parallel web requests with Task-based programming model
    • Links using a href (TicketQRCode.cshtml)

Razor Compiler

  • Show TicketList.cshtml.g.cs in Client/Pages

  • Talking points:

    • cshtml becomes C# classes
    • Attributes for Routing, Layouting, DI, etc.
  • Copy...

    • ...050-Razor Compiler/FlightNetwork.cs into Components
    • ...050-Razor Compiler/Network.cshtml into Client
    • ...050-Razor Compiler/Flightplan.cs into Model
  • Add services.AddSingleton<IFlightplan, Flightplan>(); to Client/Startup.cs

  • Talking points:

    • C#-only components (FlightNetwork.cs and Network.cshtml)
    • Render Trees
    • DI for application services (IFlightplan)

Forms and Validation

  • Copy 060-Forms-Validation/BookTicket.cshtml into Client

  • Talking points:

    • Blazor forms and validation engine
    • Data annotation
    • Central validation logic
    • Used in client and server (see requests.http)

JS Interop

  • Copy...

    • ...070-JS Interop/BookTicket.cshtml into Client
    • ...070-JS Interop/index.html into Client
    • ...070-JS Interop/Flightplan.cs into Model
  • Add NuGet reference to Dijkstra.NET to Model

  • Let Luke Skywalker travel from Tatooine to Earth

  • Talking points:

    • Benefit from large C# ecosystem of business logic libraries
    • JS interop to interact with (existing) JavaScript
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