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An R package showcasing how RStudio addins can be registered and used.
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RStudio Addins

RStudio addins are R functions that can be called through RStudio. This package provides a small set of example addins, and helps demonstrate how package authors can create and expose their own addins.


First, ensure that you have the latest versions of htmltools, shiny, and miniUI; then install this package.

if (!requireNamespace("devtools", quietly = TRUE))


What's an Addin?

Addins are just R functions with a bit of special registration metadata. This package exports two simple addins: one function, insertInAddin, can be used to insert ' %in% ' at the cursor position. Another, findAndReplaceAddin, can be used to interactively refactor code in a document, using a Shiny application. These addins are registered through a Debian Control File, located at inst/rstudio/addins.dcf.

When RStudio is launched, it will automatically discover addins registered by installed R packages, and register them so that they can be invoked through keyboard shortcuts and other UI gestures. See the RStudio Addins website for more details.

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