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By filing an issue to this repo, I promise that

  • I have fully read the isse template below.
  • I have provided the necessary information about my issue.
    • If I'm asking a question, I have already asked it on Stack Overflow or RStudio Community, waited for at least 24 hours, and included a link to my question there.
    • If I'm filing a bug report, I have included a minimal, self-contained, and reproducible example, and have also included xfun::session_info('blogdown'). I have upgraded all my packages to their latest versions (e.g., R, RStudio, and R packages), and also tried the development version: remotes::install_github('rstudio/blogdown').
    • If I have posted the same issue elsewhere, I have also mentioned it in this issue.
  • I have learned the Github Markdown syntax, and formatted my issue correctly.
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