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The learnr package makes it easy to turn any R Markdown document into an interactive tutorial. Tutorials consist of content along with interactive components for checking and reinforcing understanding. Tutorials can include any or all of the following:

  1. Narrative, figures, illustrations, and equations.

  2. Code exercises (R code chunks that users can edit and execute directly).

  3. Quiz questions.

  4. Videos (supported services include YouTube and Vimeo).

  5. Interactive Shiny components.

Tutorials automatically preserve work done within them, so if a user works on a few exercises or questions and returns to the tutorial later they can pick up right where they left off.

Learn more about the learnr package and try example tutorials online at


Install the latest official learnr release from CRAN:


Or you can install the most recent version in-development from GitHub with the remotes package:

# install.packages("remotes")

learnr works best with a recent version of RStudio (v1.0.136 or later) which includes tools for easily running and previewing tutorials.