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Markdown rendering for R

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Markdown is a plain-text formatting syntax that can be converted to XHTML or other formats. This package provides R bindings to the Sundown markdown rendering library.

The R function markdownToHTML renders a markdown file to HTML. Options controlling HTML output and supported markdown extensions can be optionally specified.

The package also exports the underlying Sundown C extension API which enables creating and calling custom renderers using the renderMarkdown function.

To learn more about markdown syntax see:

This package is referred to as R Markdown v1 when combined with knitr. The primary output format is HTML. Now we have introduced R Markdown v2, which is based on Pandoc and knitr, and supports much more types of output formats. Please see for details.


The markdown package is licensed under the GPLv2. See these files for additional details:

  • inst/COPYING - Markdown package license (GPLv2)
  • inst/NOTICE - Copyright notices for additional included software