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Demo Material for 2017 RStudio Meetup Roadshow
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2017 Meetup Roadshow.pptx

RStudio 2017 Meetup Roadshow


These demos are designed to highlight the tidyverse and RStudio Connect.

If you want to see the end results, play with RStudio Connect, or if you just love Star Wars try

The demos make use of R Markdown and Shiny to empower R users to become data storytellers. We also discuss making your work accessible to others through API's with Plumber. The reports and applicatons are designed to allow end users to ask questions of the content instead of returning to the analyst for "what if" scenarios.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to clone the repository into a new RStudio project. Simply go to New Project -> Version Control and enter the repository URL (available above). If you're new to Git, you can also open the files and copy them directly.

The project includes packrat but does not use packrat by default. If you'd like to restore the package environment used to create the demos, run packrat::on() and packrat::restore() from within the project.

WARNING Restoring the environment can take awhile since the project uses quite a few R packages.

Feedback & Questions

If you attended one of RStudio's presentations we'd really appreciate if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out this survey.

For errors or questions on code please submit an issue to this repository. For questions on RStudio Connect please email


These demos make use of the Star Wars API under the BSD license. Copyright Paul Halett 2017.


Use of is subject to the following Terms of Service. All demo material contained in this repository is distributed under the MIT license.

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