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Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print. You only need a modern web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) to generate PDF. No need to install LaTeX to get beautiful PDFs.

This R package stands on the shoulders of two giants to support typesetting with CSS for R Markdown documents: Paged.js and ReLaXed (we only borrowed some CSS from the ReLaXed repo and didn't really use the Node package).

This package is still very young. Please be warned that things are still subject to change. For those who are brave and curious, you may install the package from Github:


This package requires a recent version of Pandoc (>= 2.2.3). If you use RStudio, you are recommended to install the Preview version (>= 1.2.1070), which has bundled Pandoc 2.3.1, otherwise you need to install Pandoc separately.

Below are some existing R Markdown output formats and examples.

Paged HTML documents (pagedown::html_paged)

A paged HTML document

Resume (pagedown::html_resume)

An HTML resume

Posters (pagedown::poster_relaxed)

A poster of the ReLaXed style

Business cards (pagedown::business_card)

A business card

Letters (pagedown::html_letter)

A letter in HTML