Radix for R Markdown
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Radix is an online publication format designed for scientific and technical communication. Radix articles include:

  • Reader-friendly typography that adapts well to mobile devices.
  • Features essential to technical writing like LaTeX math, citations, and footnotes.
  • Flexible figure layout options (e.g. displaying figures at a larger width than the article text).
  • Attractively rendered tables with optional support for pagination.
  • Support for a wide variety of diagramming tools for illustrating concepts.
  • The ability to incorporate JavaScript and D3-based interactive visualizations.
  • A variety of ways to publish articles, including support for publishing collections or articles as a Radix website.

Radix is based on the Distill web framework, which was originally created for use in the Distill Machine Learning Journal. Radix combines the technical authoring features of Distill with R Markdown, enabling a fully reproducible workflow based on literate programming

Getting Started

You can install radix from GitHub with:


Learn more about using Radix at https://rstudio.github.io/radix.