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Publish Shiny Applications, RMarkdown Documents, Jupyter Notebooks, Plumber APIs, and more

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rsconnect makes it easy to publish your Shiny apps, RMarkdown and Quarto documents, and Plumber APIs to Posit Connect,, and Posit Cloud from R.

(If you’re looking for the Python equivalent, try rsconnect-python.)


You can install the released version of rsconnect from CRAN with:


And the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


To use rsconnect, you first need to teach it about the server you want to publish to. If you use the RStudio IDE, the easiest way to get set up is to use the publishing dialog, which you can find by clicking the “Tools” menu, then selecting “Global options”, then clicking “Publishing”. Click “Connect” to add new servers.

You can also connect from any R session by running a little code:

  • For, go to your tokens page and click “Add Token”, then follow the instructions to copy and paste the appropriate call to setAccountInfo(). Learn more in the Getting Started Guide.

  • For Posit Connect, first use addServer() to register your server with rsconnect, then call either connectUser() or connectApiUser(). connectUser() is a bit simpler if you’re in an interactive session; connectApiUser() works anywhere but requires a you to copy and paste an API key from your user profile.

  • For Posit Cloud, login, then click your name in the top-right corner, click “Account”, then click “Tokens” in the navbar at the top of the page. Click “New Token”, then “Copy” next to the token you just created, and then follow the instructions to copy and paste the appropriate call to setAccountInfo().

Now that you’re setup you can use deployApp(), deployDoc(), and friends to publish your apps, documentations, APIs and more.