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tag: v0.95.121
Commits on Sep 28, 2011
  1. Joe Cheng
  2. Joe Cheng
  3. JJ Allaire
  4. JJ Allaire
  5. JJ Allaire
  6. JJ Allaire

    eliminate eclipse warnings

    jjallaire authored
  7. Joe Cheng

    Replace yellow highlight with focus rectangle in changelist view

    jcheng5 authored
    Not a great focus rectangle but I'm not sure we have a better option.
  8. Joe Cheng
  9. Joe Cheng

    UI improvements to VCS integration

    jcheng5 authored
    - Show progress when refreshing changelist
    - Maintain selection when bringing up VCS dialog
Commits on Sep 27, 2011
  1. Joe Cheng
  2. Joe Cheng
  3. Joe Cheng
  4. Joe Cheng
  5. Joe Cheng
  6. JJ Allaire

    fix typo

    jjallaire authored
  7. JJ Allaire
  8. JJ Allaire
  9. JJ Allaire

    fix win32 build

    jjallaire authored
  10. JJ Allaire
  11. JJ Allaire
  12. JJ Allaire

    fix mac build

    jjallaire authored
  13. JJ Allaire

    add fail forward comment

    jjallaire authored
  14. JJ Allaire
  15. JJ Allaire
  16. Joe Cheng
  17. Joe Cheng
  18. JJ Allaire
  19. JJ Allaire
  20. JJ Allaire
  21. JJ Allaire
  22. JJ Allaire
  23. JJ Allaire
  24. Joe Cheng
  25. Joe Cheng
  26. Joe Cheng
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