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Commits on Jan 7, 2012
  1. @jjallaire
  2. @jcheng5
  3. @jcheng5

    Improve word breaking for R and Sweave

    jcheng5 committed
    1395: Highlight entire variable name with dot
    2068: More precise click selection for variables
    Not exactly right in Sweave mode because we don't have the ability to differentiate between R and Sweave modes.
Commits on Jan 6, 2012
  1. @jcheng5
  2. @jcheng5
  3. @jcheng5

    Don't highlight TeX quoted text

    jcheng5 committed
    Seems unhelpful to highlight these, as quotes in TeX are not analogous to strings in programming languages.
  4. @jcheng5
  5. @jcheng5
  6. @jcheng5

    2087: Disallow Tab width = 0

    jcheng5 committed
  7. @jcheng5
  8. @jcheng5
  9. @jcheng5
  10. @jjallaire
  11. @jjallaire

    fix jump to line command

    jjallaire committed
  12. @jjallaire
  13. @jjallaire

    add go to line to menu

    jjallaire committed
  14. @jjallaire

    update menu mnemonics

    jjallaire committed
  15. @jjallaire

    update case in docs (part 3)

    jjallaire committed
  16. @jjallaire

    update case in docs (part 2)

    jjallaire committed
  17. @jjallaire

    update case in docs

    jjallaire committed
  18. @jjallaire

    update keyboard shortcuts

    jjallaire committed
  19. @jjallaire

    narrow check for modification in file monitor to size and last write …

    jjallaire committed
    this eliminates the generation of spurious file modified events for directories on windows
  20. @jjallaire
  21. @jjallaire
  22. @jjallaire
  23. @jcheng5
  24. @jcheng5
Commits on Jan 5, 2012
  1. @jjallaire
  2. @jjallaire
  3. @jcheng5

    More robust VCS transcoding

    jcheng5 committed
    - Instead of transcoding entire diffs, transcode just the content portions
    - Enable transcoding for SVN, not just Git
  4. @jjallaire
  5. @jjallaire
  6. @jjallaire

    issue a warning and return NULL (rather than error) for attempts to c…

    jjallaire committed
    …reate multiple graphics devices
  7. @jjallaire
  8. @jjallaire
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