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Tag: v0.97.151
Commits on Oct 2, 2012
  1. @jcheng5
  2. @jcheng5
  3. @jjallaire
  4. @jjallaire

    update debian dependencies

    jjallaire authored
  5. @jcheng5
  6. @jjallaire
  7. @jjallaire
  8. @jjallaire
  9. @jjallaire
  10. @jjallaire
  11. @jjallaire
  12. @jjallaire

    Revert "build against OSX 10.8 sdk"

    jjallaire authored
    This reverts commit 1a67b65.
  13. @jjallaire

    eliminate eclipse warnings

    jjallaire authored
  14. @jjallaire
  15. @jjallaire

    build against OSX 10.8 sdk

    jjallaire authored
  16. @jjallaire
  17. @jcheng5

    Don't split } onto its own line

    jcheng5 authored
    Undo the change in the previous commit that splits } onto
    its own line when newline is inserted right before it; but
    keep the logic that outdents the line in that situation.
  18. @jcheng5

    Better behavior when newline before }

    jcheng5 authored
    If newline is inserted before }, split the } onto its own line
  19. @jcheng5

    Fix bug 2570: Auto indentation of close brace

    jcheng5 authored
    Ended up dealing with this using autoOutdent. This still isn't dealt with
    properly if the brace is initially on a line with other content.
  20. @jjallaire

    use Qt 4.8.3 on windows

    jjallaire authored
  21. @jjallaire
  22. @jjallaire
  23. @jjallaire
  24. @jjallaire
  25. @jjallaire
  26. @jjallaire
  27. @jjallaire
  28. @jjallaire
  29. @jcheng5

    Improve autoindentation with continuation lines

    jcheng5 authored
    See autoindent_test.html, there are a couple of tests that no longer pass.
    However, the new test that passes seems way more important.
    It is not obvious to me whether the old tests can easily be fixed, and it also seems like those cases are uncommon and the new behavior is not horrible.
  30. @jcheng5
  31. @jcheng5

    Fix 2288: Brace indentation is wrong in Sweave

    jcheng5 authored
    Also was wrong in R Markdown.
    R mode had R-specific logic for auto-outdent, while Sweave was trying to use generic Ace logic (which only outdents closing curly braces, not opening ones), and R Markdown had no auto-outdent logic at all.
    Extracted the R logic into r_matching_brace_outdent as a mixin and applied across all 3 modes.
Commits on Oct 1, 2012
  1. @jjallaire
  2. @jjallaire
  3. @jjallaire
  4. @jjallaire
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