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Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @jjallaire
  2. @jjallaire
  3. @jjallaire
  4. @jjallaire
  5. @jjallaire
  6. @jjallaire
  7. @jjallaire
  8. @jjallaire

    update gdebi doc comments

    jjallaire authored
Commits on Oct 2, 2012
  1. @jcheng5
  2. @jcheng5
  3. @jjallaire
  4. @jjallaire

    update debian dependencies

    jjallaire authored
  5. @jcheng5
  6. @jjallaire
  7. @jjallaire
  8. @jjallaire
  9. @jjallaire
  10. @jjallaire
  11. @jjallaire
  12. @jjallaire

    Revert "build against OSX 10.8 sdk"

    jjallaire authored
    This reverts commit 1a67b65.
  13. @jjallaire

    eliminate eclipse warnings

    jjallaire authored
  14. @jjallaire
  15. @jjallaire

    build against OSX 10.8 sdk

    jjallaire authored
  16. @jjallaire
  17. @jcheng5

    Don't split } onto its own line

    jcheng5 authored
    Undo the change in the previous commit that splits } onto
    its own line when newline is inserted right before it; but
    keep the logic that outdents the line in that situation.
  18. @jcheng5

    Better behavior when newline before }

    jcheng5 authored
    If newline is inserted before }, split the } onto its own line
  19. @jcheng5

    Fix bug 2570: Auto indentation of close brace

    jcheng5 authored
    Ended up dealing with this using autoOutdent. This still isn't dealt with
    properly if the brace is initially on a line with other content.
  20. @jjallaire

    use Qt 4.8.3 on windows

    jjallaire authored
  21. @jjallaire
  22. @jjallaire
  23. @jjallaire
  24. @jjallaire
  25. @jjallaire
  26. @jjallaire
  27. @jjallaire
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