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Output example

An adaptation of the NVD3.js charting library's Simple Line Chart example. Demonstrates creating a custom Shiny output binding that uses a JavaScript component.

Run this example by calling:

shiny::runGitHub("shiny-js-examples", "jcheng5", subdir="output")


linechart.R contains reusable R functions lineChartOutput and renderLineChart that can be called from a Shiny app's ui.R and server.R (respectively) to add line charts.

The file www/linechart-binding.js contains the JavaScript code that defines a custom Shiny output binding for the line charts. It's loaded into the app implicitly by the lineChartOutput function.

The www/d3 and www/nvd3 directories contain the 3rd party libraries D3 and NVD3. They also are loaded from lineChartOutput.

Packaging note

This example is set up for easy reading of the code and easy running via shiny::runGitHub().

If instead we wanted to make this line chart component easily distributable to other Shiny users, we would set it up as a package. linechart.R would go into the R subdirectory. The contents of www would be moved to inst, and lineChartOutput would call shiny::addResourcePath to make them available at a URL prefix like "linechart". See shiny-incubator for one example.