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<p>Listed below are all the directives that are supported in Shiny Server config files.</p>
<p><strong>Applies to</strong> indicates the kind of parent scope that this directive normally appears inside.</p>
<p><strong>Inheritable</strong> means that you can put this directive at a higher level in the hierarchy and it will be inherited by any children to which it might apply. Inherited directives can be overridden by using the directive again in a child scope.</p>
<ul class="directives">
{{#each directives}}
<h3 class="code"><a name="{{name}}"></a>{{name}}</h3>
<p class="desc">{{{desc}}}</p>
{{#if params}}
<table class="params">
<col style="width: 105px"></col>
<col style="width: 90px"></col>
<col style="width: 90px"></col>
<col style="width: 90px"></col>
<th>Data type</th>
{{#each params}}
<td>{{#if optional}}optional{{else}}{{#if vararg}}multiple{{else}}required{{/if}}{{/if}}</td>
<p class="noparams">This directive has no parameters.</p>
<label>Applies to:</label> {{{scopelist at}}}<br/>
<label>Inheritable:</label> {{YesNo otherLocs}}<br/>
{{#if children}}
<label>Child directives:</label> {{{scopelist children}}}<br/>