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Add link to Ubuntu complete install instructions. Give some more context in the Quick Start.
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@@ -10,26 +10,30 @@ Shiny Server is a server program that makes [Shiny]( a
* Free and open source ([AGPLv3]( license)
* **Experimental quality. Use at your own risk!**
-## Prerequisites
+## Installing
+(Ubuntu users: [this wiki page]( lists all the commands that are needed to install the prerequisites and Shiny Server.)
-A Linux server, with the following installed:
+You'll need a Linux server, with the following prerequisites installed:
* [Node.js 0.8.16 or later](
* For Ubuntu, we have found [these instructions]( to work well.
* For Red Hat/CentOS, we recommend [installing from source](
* [R 2.15 or later](
-* [Shiny]( R package, installed into the site-wide library. This is one easy way to do that:<br/>
+* [Shiny]( R package, **installed into the machine-wide site library**. This is one easy way to do that:<br/>
sudo su - -c "R -e \"install.packages('shiny', repos='')\""
-## Installing
+Now you're ready to install Shiny Server:
* Run as root (or `sudo`): `npm install -g shiny-server`
-* Optional: Create a config file (see below).
+* Optional: Create a config file (see below)
## Quick start
+If you don't create a configuration file, Shiny Server will use a [hardcoded default config]( Follow these instructions to prepare your machine to run with these default settings.
Run as root (or `sudo`):

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