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\title{Resource Publishing}
addResourcePath(prefix, directoryPath)
\item{prefix}{The URL prefix (without slashes). Valid characters are a-z,
A-Z, 0-9, hyphen, period, and underscore; and must begin with a-z or A-Z.
For example, a value of 'foo' means that any request paths that begin with
'/foo' will be mapped to the given directory.}
\item{directoryPath}{The directory that contains the static resources to be
Adds a directory of static resources to Shiny's web server, with the given
path prefix. Primarily intended for package authors to make supporting
JavaScript/CSS files available to their components.
You can call \code{addResourcePath} multiple times for a given
\code{prefix}; only the most recent value will be retained. If the
normalized \code{directoryPath} is different than the directory that's
currently mapped to the \code{prefix}, a warning will be issued.
addResourcePath('datasets', system.file('data', package='datasets'))
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