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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/bootstrap.R
\title{Create a Bootstrap page}
bootstrapPage(..., title = NULL, responsive = NULL, theme = NULL)
\item{...}{The contents of the document body.}
\item{title}{The browser window title (defaults to the host URL of the page)}
\item{responsive}{This option is deprecated; it is no longer optional with
Bootstrap 3.}
\item{theme}{Alternative Bootstrap stylesheet (normally a css file within the
www directory, e.g. \code{www/bootstrap.css})}
A UI defintion that can be passed to the \link{shinyUI} function.
Create a Shiny UI page that loads the CSS and JavaScript for
\href{}{Bootstrap}, and has no content in the page
body (other than what you provide).
This function is primarily intended for users who are proficient in HTML/CSS,
and know how to lay out pages in Bootstrap. Most applications should use
\code{\link{fluidPage}} along with layout functions like
\code{\link{fluidRow}} and \code{\link{sidebarLayout}}.
The \code{basicPage} function is deprecated, you should use the
\code{\link{fluidPage}} function instead.
\code{\link{fluidPage}}, \code{\link{fixedPage}}