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\title{Create an HTML output element}
htmlOutput(outputId, inline = FALSE, container = if (inline) span else div,
uiOutput(outputId, inline = FALSE, container = if (inline) span else div,
\item{outputId}{output variable to read the value from}
\item{inline}{use an inline (\code{span()}) or block container (\code{div()})
for the output}
\item{container}{a function to generate an HTML element to contain the text}
\item{...}{Other arguments to pass to the container tag function. This is
useful for providing additional classes for the tag.}
An HTML output element that can be included in a panel
Render a reactive output variable as HTML within an application page. The
text will be included within an HTML \code{div} tag, and is presumed to
contain HTML content which should not be escaped.
\code{uiOutput} is intended to be used with \code{renderUI} on the server
side. It is currently just an alias for \code{htmlOutput}.
# Using a custom container and class
htmlOutput("summary", container = tags$li, class = "custom-li-output")
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