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\title{Install an expression as a function}
installExprFunction(expr, name, eval.env = parent.frame(2), quoted = FALSE,
assign.env = parent.frame(1), label = deparse([[1]]),
wrappedWithLabel = TRUE, ..stacktraceon = FALSE)
\item{expr}{A quoted or unquoted expression}
\item{name}{The name the function should be given}
\item{eval.env}{The desired environment for the function. Defaults to the
calling environment two steps back.}
\item{quoted}{Is the expression quoted?}
\item{assign.env}{The environment in which the function should be assigned.}
\item{label}{A label for the object to be shown in the debugger. Defaults to
the name of the calling function.}
\item{wrappedWithLabel, ..stacktraceon}{Advanced use only. For stack manipulation purposes; see
Installs an expression in the given environment as a function, and registers
debug hooks so that breakpoints may be set in the function.
This function can replace \code{exprToFunction} as follows: we may use
\code{func <- exprToFunction(expr)} if we do not want the debug hooks, or
\code{installExprFunction(expr, "func")} if we do. Both approaches create a
function named \code{func} in the current environment.
Wraps \code{\link{exprToFunction}}; see that method's documentation
for more documentation and examples.