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% Please edit documentation in R/bootstrap.R
\title{Create a navigation list panel}
navlistPanel(..., id = NULL, selected = NULL, well = TRUE, fluid = TRUE,
widths = c(4, 8))
\item{...}{\code{\link{tabPanel}} elements to include in the navlist}
\item{id}{If provided, you can use \code{input$}\emph{\code{id}} in your
server logic to determine which of the current navlist items is active. The
value will correspond to the \code{value} argument that is passed to
\item{selected}{The \code{value} (or, if none was supplied, the \code{title})
of the navigation item that should be selected by default. If \code{NULL},
the first navigation will be selected.}
\item{well}{\code{TRUE} to place a well (gray rounded rectangle) around the
navigation list.}
\item{fluid}{\code{TRUE} to use fluid layout; \code{FALSE} to use fixed
\item{widths}{Column withs of the navigation list and tabset content areas
Create a navigation list panel that provides a list of links on the left
which navigate to a set of tabPanels displayed to the right.
You can include headers within the \code{navlistPanel} by including
plain text elements in the list. Versions of Shiny before 0.11 supported
separators with "------", but as of 0.11, separators were no longer
supported. This is because version 0.11 switched to Bootstrap 3, which
doesn't support separators.
titlePanel("Application Title"),
\code{\link{tabPanel}}, \code{\link{updateNavlistPanel}}