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\title{Set options for an output object.}
outputOptions(x, name, ...)
\item{x}{A shinyoutput object (typically \code{output}).}
\item{name}{The name of an output observer in the shinyoutput object.}
\item{...}{Options to set for the output observer.}
These are the available options for an output object:
\item suspendWhenHidden. When \code{TRUE} (the default), the output object
will be suspended (not execute) when it is hidden on the web page. When
\code{FALSE}, the output object will not suspend when hidden, and if it
was already hidden and suspended, then it will resume immediately.
\item priority. The priority level of the output object. Queued outputs
with higher priority values will execute before those with lower values.
# Get the list of options for all observers within output
# Disable suspend for output$myplot
outputOptions(output, "myplot", suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)
# Change priority for output$myplot
outputOptions(output, "myplot", priority = 10)
# Get the list of options for output$myplot
outputOptions(output, "myplot")