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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/bootstrap.R
\title{Create a page with a sidebar}
pageWithSidebar(headerPanel, sidebarPanel, mainPanel)
\item{headerPanel}{The \link{headerPanel} with the application title}
\item{sidebarPanel}{The \link{sidebarPanel} containing input controls}
\item{mainPanel}{The \link{mainPanel} containing outputs}
A UI defintion that can be passed to the \link{shinyUI} function
Create a Shiny UI that contains a header with the application title, a
sidebar for input controls, and a main area for output.
This function is deprecated. You should use \code{\link{fluidPage}}
along with \code{\link{sidebarLayout}} to implement a page with a sidebar.
# Define UI
# Application title
headerPanel("Hello Shiny!"),
# Sidebar with a slider input
"Number of observations:",
min = 0,
max = 1000,
value = 500)
# Show a plot of the generated distribution