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% Please edit documentation in R/reactives.R
\title{Convert a reactivevalues object to a list}
reactiveValuesToList(x, all.names = FALSE)
\item{x}{A reactivevalues object.}
\item{all.names}{If \code{TRUE}, include objects with a leading dot. If
\code{FALSE} (the default) don't include those objects.}
This function does something similar to what you might \code{\link{as.list}}
to do. The difference is that the calling context will take dependencies on
every object in the reactivevalues object. To avoid taking dependencies on
all the objects, you can wrap the call with \code{\link{isolate}()}.
values <- reactiveValues(a = 1)
# To get the objects without taking dependencies on them, use isolate().
# isolate() can also be used when calling from outside a reactive context (e.g.
# at the console)