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% Generated by roxygen2: do not edit by hand
% Please edit documentation in R/render-table.R
\title{Table Output}
renderTable(expr, striped = FALSE, hover = FALSE, bordered = FALSE,
spacing = c("s", "xs", "m", "l"), width = "auto", align = NULL,
rownames = FALSE, colnames = TRUE, digits = NULL, na = "NA", ...,
env = parent.frame(), quoted = FALSE, outputArgs = list())
\item{expr}{An expression that returns an R object that can be used with
\item{striped, hover, bordered}{Logicals: if \code{TRUE}, apply the
corresponding Bootstrap table format to the output table.}
\item{spacing}{The spacing between the rows of the table (\code{xs}
stands for "extra small", \code{s} for "small", \code{m} for "medium"
and \code{l} for "large").}
\item{width}{Table width. Must be a valid CSS unit (like "100%", "400px",
"auto") or a number, which will be coerced to a string and
have "px" appended.}
\item{align}{A string that specifies the column alignment. If equal to
\code{'l'}, \code{'c'} or \code{'r'}, then all columns will be,
respectively, left-, center- or right-aligned. Otherwise, \code{align}
must have the same number of characters as the resulting table (if
\code{rownames = TRUE}, this will be equal to \code{ncol()+1}), with
the \emph{i}-th character specifying the alignment for the
\emph{i}-th column (besides \code{'l'}, \code{'c'} and
\code{'r'}, \code{'?'} is also permitted - \code{'?'} is a placeholder
for that particular column, indicating that it should keep its default
alignment). If \code{NULL}, then all numeric/integer columns (including
the row names, if they are numbers) will be right-aligned and
everything else will be left-aligned (\code{align = '?'} produces the
same result).}
\item{rownames, colnames}{Logicals: include rownames? include colnames
(column headers)?}
\item{digits}{An integer specifying the number of decimal places for
the numeric columns (this will not apply to columns with an integer
class). If \code{digits} is set to a negative value, then the numeric
columns will be displayed in scientific format with a precision of
\code{abs(digits)} digits.}
\item{na}{The string to use in the table cells whose values are missing
(i.e. they either evaluate to \code{NA} or \code{NaN}).}
\item{...}{Arguments to be passed through to \code{\link[xtable]{xtable}}
and \code{\link[xtable]{print.xtable}}.}
\item{env}{The environment in which to evaluate \code{expr}.}
\item{quoted}{Is \code{expr} a quoted expression (with \code{quote()})?
This is useful if you want to save an expression in a variable.}
\item{outputArgs}{A list of arguments to be passed through to the
implicit call to \code{\link{tableOutput}} when \code{renderTable} is
used in an interactive R Markdown document.}
Creates a reactive table that is suitable for assigning to an \code{output}
The corresponding HTML output tag should be \code{div} and have the CSS
class name \code{shiny-html-output}.